“…the world no longer rewards people just for what they know—
search engines know everything—but for what they can do with what they know, how they behave in the world, and how they adapt.
Because that is the main differentiator today, education is becoming more about creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration; about modern knowledge, including the capacity to recognize and exploit the potential of new technologies; and, last but not least, about the character qualities that help fulfilled people live and work together and build a sustainable humanity.…”

Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills-OECD


Sifiso Learning Group (Pty) Limited is a private, new age education group. Our vision is to become the leading new age learning group in Africa with global reach. Through our portfolio of companies, we aim to provide education that produces future African leaders who are passionate, excel in what they do, are ready for the 21st century and are confident about themselves.


Our Future Nation brands provide education from preschools to post graduate studies.

Our Sifiso brands create and develop content, tools and learning environments that enable all education stakeholders to effectively participate in the education ecosystem enabling all to reach their full potential.